€25 Bitcoin Voucher


Give the gift of Bitcoin. €25 worth of Bitcoin redeemable online anywhere in the world.

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CUSTOMER NOTICE 29th April 2015. GOOD NEWS: We have transferred this product to a new website and removed the €3 voucher fee.

You can purchase Bitcoin & Bitcoin vouchers by visiting http://bitex.ie/shop/


Bitcoin is the fastest growing internet buzz in the last decade – and it’s going to keep on growing. So give someone the gift of risk free entry into this amazing new world – with essential advice and support – we provide it all!

We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift idea for that special someone. Now, with the availability of the Bitcoin voucher anybody can buy Bitcoin quickly and easily – its the perfect unique gift idea and an awesome way to introduce people to Bitcoins.

A rapidly increasing number of retailers, both online and offline, now accept payments in Bitcoin. You can buy flights with Virgin Atlantic or Pizzas from your local pizzeria and much more!

You can also have great fun playing the digital currency ‘stock market’ on one of the online exchanges. Our vouchers provide an easy, risk free way to get started! If you wish you can put the voucher in a card (Christmas or otherwise) and give it to someone. Or you can send the details on the voucher to someone by email for them to redeem.


1. You buy a Bitcoin Voucher.
2. We send you the voucher by trackable courier, each voucher has an unique number, QR code and PIN code.
3. To redeem the voucher simply go online and enter the unique web address printed on voucher, it will then ask for the unique PIN code which is printed on the voucher, it will then give you the option to send the Bitcoin to any Bitcoin wallet you choose. – Its that simple!

Question: How many Bitcoins do i get for this amount i pay?
Answer: The ordered amount will be converted to bitcoins at the current average market rate minus the fluctuating commission of between 3-5% when the voucher is issued. To get a rough idea of the amount of Bitcoin you will get for the amount you pay please use this handy Bitcoin currency convertor.

Question: Who issues the Bitcoin Vouchers?
Answer: The Bitcoin Voucher is issued by ViviPOS.ie – Irelands Bitcoin Merchant Service Provider who are part of the Bitex Group – Both are Gold Members of the Irish Bitcoin Foundation.

Question: Do the Bitcoin voucher expire?
Answer: Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, which is printed on the Voucher.

Question: What if i loose or someone steals my gift voucher?
Answer: If this happens we are unable to issue a new voucher.

Question: How secure are the vouchers, how is the Bitcoin stored before i redeem it?
Answer: We have the most advanced system in the world which is based on BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic (HD), the wallets stored in a Hardware Secure Module (HSM). All of our servers operate with full-drive encryption, so that we don’t need to trust our hosting providers. Remember, even if our web servers were to be compromised, the private keys that protect the funds are not stored on those machines. The private keys for your Bitcoin are stored exclusively on our custom HSM (Hardware Security Module) which is carefully isolated from the web servers and the Internet. We also use Cloudflare for DDoS protection.

Question: I want to buy Bitcoin in person, can i visit your store?
Answer: Yes, by all means, we are open to the public 6 days a week, simply tell a member of staff how much worth of Bitcoin you would like and we will issue a voucher.


SECURITY NOTE: We accept various payment methods including credit card and bank transfer, however, if you choose to pay via Paypal we only sell to buyers based in Ireland with verified PayPal accounts and with verified PayPal shipping addresses. We only ship to the verfied billing address of the card holder. We dont accept discount or promo codes for the sale of gift vouchers.

DELIVERY: When going through checkout please choose courier delivery, the ‘collect in store’ option is not available for this product. A signature will be required on delivery.

WARNING: Due to increasing credit card and paypal fraud, we will ONLY accept these payments from the owner of the credit card or Paypal account. We will always verify these payments against the registered address of the credit card and confirm all details before sending out any items. When you make a purchase on your IP details are recorded for security reasons and we will use them on the event of credit card or PayPal chargeback. Credit card fraud is a serious offence. Any attempts to fraudulently obtain products will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.

What you get:
€50 worth of Bitcoin