Bitcoin Payment & Exchange Terminal
Easily Accept Payments or Buy and Sell Bitcoin. Them first of its kind in the world.

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The Bitcoin payment terminal allows you to switch between Retail or Exchange Mode with these powerful features:

Sell Bitcoin or Litecoin to anyone, anywhere. It’s like a Bitcoin ATM, but you can take it anywhere!
Buy Bitcoin, Receive Bitcoin.
Print Paper Wallets with private key and also redeemable online
Print Vouchers with PIN and redeemable online
Exchange Rate Markup can easily be set by you
Scan to Pay the sold coins directly into your customer’s wallet
Retail Mode

Accept Bitcoin from any wallet by printing a QR code
Receive Tips by simply choosing the amount
Book Keeping with options for Table Number, Invoice Number, etc…
View Unpaid Bills on screen list of unconfirmed transactions for each table
Add Markup by setting your exchange premium. It will be automatically added to all fiat conversions
Double Receipts option; receipt for yourself and the customer


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What is the Bitcoin POS Terminal?

The  terminal will finally enable you to buy, sell and accept bitcoins in a robust way. Operating just like a conventional credit-card payment terminal, this fully-customized device works exclusively with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Field-proven resilient hardware, easy to understand—and ready to be dropped—by your cashiers and customers.

Some of its features:

Exchange and Retail Modes
Allows transactions in Bitcoin without a computer, tablet, phone, or other hardware.
Connects through GSM and Wi-Fi, which are available worldwide, so it can work anywhere!
High-quality laser QR code reader can scan Bitcoin address codes in addition to using Coinkite cards.
Integrated receipt printer prints QR codes on easily readable receipts.
Accepts and issues Coinkite’s debit cards.
Sell preloaded Coinkite Cards.
Accepts payments from any Bitcoin user regardless of wallet host (including Bitcoin-QT, Coinbase, Bitstamp, BIPS, and others).
Allows buying and selling your Bitcoins at retail prices.
Allows you to print exchange rates at any time.
Adjustable exchange rate for conversion to or sales in your currency.
Print invoices.
Auto-convert or forward funds to any third party.



The Easiest and Safest Way to Use and Accept Bitcoin.

With the world’s most advanced web wallet system, we empower customers and merchants in Ireland to BUY, SELL, ACCEPT and STORE Bitcoins, in both the online and physical worlds.

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